Workplace Anxiety —

What can I do to manage it? There are some ongoing measures you can take to be able to minimise the effect workplace anxiety will have on you, from making sure you’re enjoying a good diet and regular meals to trying to exercise as much as your schedule and ability allows. Even simple steps like walking some of your bus route can help bust stress and promote mindfulness. Mindfulness is a proven way to deal with stress and anxiety and help people cope with the effects of mental health issues. It

Wardrobe Rejuvenation 101 – a Covid 19 rethink…

In this current climate, it feels as if you’re going back to the same three items in your wardrobe in a loungewear-themed Groundhog Day. When staring wistfully at your summer wardrobe and party outfits, it can feel agonisingly painful to reminisce about all those times you left the house. Yet, your wardrobe might be in need of some TLC right now, even as much as you. Just because you’re not putting it to full use and rotating your sports leggings, leggings and jeggings on repeat, the rest of yo

Shop small, shop sustainable at Christmas

Christmas can feel overwhelming in pretty much every aspect in years previous; from the dozens of relatives making their way out of the woodwork to critique your cooking (I’m only trying to help love!) to the endless entertaining, cooking, wining and dining. Although most of these things will look quite different this year, one thing will remain the same; the gift of giving. Written by Ciara Loane Whether you’re posting, hand delivering or even sending them virtually, gift giving this year will

Denim Trends for 2021

Denim is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe from childhood. Since it’s introduction as a workman (and women’s) practical, manual labour alternative, it’s had as many reincarnations as Madonna. But, entering the new decade, it seems as if it’s finally gone through the tough adolescence stage of low rise, thong highlighting rebellion and entered its adulthood as a mature piece of clothing that can carry its own weight in an outfit, instead of being simply the warm up act for the main event. Written B

Second-Hand Shopping: The Guide

What’s the best way to shop to protect your pocket and the environment? Why, second-hand of course! Or, pre-loved as it’s been stylishly re-branded for the 21st century. Gone are the days of trawling through bargain bins of stained jumpers and torn t-shirts, pre-loved shopping has never been easier. By Ciara Loane It’s something we should all do; it helps to combat the throwaway clothing cycle of wear once, chuck out. It means you can save money too, as clothing and homewares are almost always

Why Handbags Reflect 2020

Fashion recently has been u-turning on the bright and boastful florals and colours of the 2000s. Gone is the thoughtful optimism we expressed through our clothing, and in its place, we see a neutral, beige sea in response to the troubles people are facing. Written by Ciara Loane It is no secret that fashion and trends reflect the thoughts and moods of the populous and through the naïve neutrality of 2020 (especially the AW range, debuting in the latter half of the year to a pandemic and recessi

Life Is Not The Endless Highlight Reel Social Media Paints It As | SRR

Social media, as we all know, is viewed by everybody and anybody. It could be your ex stalking your Instagram, it could be your future employers looking you up on Facebook. It could be your mother, your father, your friends, your family, strangers, even the people you meet on dating apps; they’re all looking at you and your social profiles. They are judging you based on the content you put into the world; and the reason why you and I both know this is because we do the same. Everyone does it.

What does the US Election Result mean for us?

When the US election was called for Biden, there was a variety of reactions across not only the US, but the world. Now it is confirmed, it is important to know just how the election results will impact our own country and affairs, most importantly Brexit, which is looming on the horizon. From Biden’s previous comments about Boris Johnson and Brexit, we can see a pattern emerging regarding his views and how this might impact any future trade relations with America. By Ciara Loane A YouGov poll s

The Best Denim Trends of 2020

For a long time, skinny jeans have been the go-to style, but recently there’s been a move away from the old favourite and lots of brands are selling different shapes like flared, balloon, mom etc... Many of us also have other styles in our wardrobe but we’re not sure how to wear them. When experimenting with new shapes, it’s important to know which ones best suit your body shape and complement your existing wardrobe, to get the most out of them. Here are my favourite picks for SS20...

Review of As You Like It - 3 Stars

As You Like It With it’s subtle political jokes (a ‘stags for remain banner’ clearly shown) and modern dance pieces entwined with classic Shakespearean text, it feels like this performance was designed to try and draw in newbies to the classics. Despite this, Shared Experiences’ production of what has been shown to be an audience favourite of The Bard, has proven to humour a Shakespeare aficionado. You’d think with an alumni of Vanessa Redgrave and Helen Mirren (to name a few) starring as Rosa